Food Distribution under COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Visit the Waunakee Food Pantry website and complete a ‘Pre-Order Form’ indicating food choices and food pickup date.
  • Pre-Order Forms need to be submitted 24 hours in advance of food distribution dates.
  • Food pickup / drive-up service: Clients drive-up to the WFP during food distribution time and remain in vehicle.
  • WFP Volunteer greets you at your vehicle at a safe social distance.
  • Please have ID ready.
  • WFP Volunteer will verify family information and pre-order.
  • New client? – No problem.  ID is only requirement for Waunakee area residents.
  • Client opens trunk and WFP volunteers place groceries in vehicle.
  • Client is on their way!

If our greater Waunakee community members have a food emergency need outside of these regularly scheduled drive up services times, please contact us at 608-850-4346 to make arrangements for emergency service.

We are here to help!