Food Distribution Schedule/Drive Up Pantry 

LOCATION:  710 SOUTH ST. Suite A (Lower Level)

Orders are due on Tuesday by noon or before for Wed. and Thur. weeks. Orders are due on Friday by noon or before on Saturday weeks. We can’t process late orders because we have volunteers one time a week get things ready. You can still come to open pantry hours without an order if you are registered. The fresh food of meat, milk, eggs, produce and bread are always available. Also the extra food carts and two bags of general groceries are offered.  Please make an appointment if you are not registered by calling or emailing the food pantry.

Wed. June 26 (4:00-6:00)
Thurs. June 27 (10:00-12:00)

Wed. July 3 (4:00 – 6:00)

Sat July 13 (10:00 – 12:00)

Wed July 17 (4:00 – 6:00)

Thurs July 18 (10:00 – 12:00)

Wed July 24 (4:00 – 6:00)

Thurs July 25 (10:00 – 12:00)

Wed July 31 (4:00 – 6:00)

Thurs Aug 1 (10:00 – 12:00)


New Client Registration

  1. Making an appointment is best by calling 608-850-4346 or emailing us at [email protected]
  2. Bring a photo ID and a piece of mail with proof of address
  3. IDs of each family member are asked for once a year with some exceptions (The Director will let you know)
  4. Come to an open pantry if can’t make an appointment with ID and proof of address
  5. A few questions will be asked like family names, birthdates, and a general income question
  6. A food order can be made online by clicking the purple ” Pre-Order Food Here” button above
  7. Food orders can be done on paper as well, but that is better explained in person
  8. If you don’t have a food order you can still come for fresh food, extra food, and two bags of general groceries.

Emergency Food Needed

  1. Call or email and we can help you in most situations within 24 hours 608-850-4346 or [email protected]

Existing Clients

  1. Bring a photo ID to each pantry
  2. Remember your food order has a due date depending on the week. Late orders can’t be filled since we have volunteers do the preparation one time a week.
  3. If you don’t have an order, you can still come to the pantry to receive fresh food, extra food and two bags of general groceries
  4. If you can’t pick up your order call or email. This is very important. We can figure out a different time for pick up by appointment or hold your order until the next pantry.
  5. If our hours don’t work well for you due to your work schedule, please call or email. We can give you the information for the other food pantries close by that serve Dane County.

Community Members

  1. Our open hours are when we serve clients
  2. People are working at the pantry 7 days a week, but not always at set times. Call or email anytime
  3. The food drop boxes outside the pantry get checked twice a day
  4. Purchasing what we stock helps us more than donating other foods. Check out our stock items under the donate food tab. If you clean out your pantry and want to donate other unexpired items, we will accept them.
  5. For more information, look at the various tab buttons on the website
  6. If you want to speak to the Director, Kathy Gundrum, regarding questions, food drives, donations, volunteering etc.. please call or email. Conversations and appointments can be made with her. 608-850-4346 or [email protected]
  7. Thank you for supporting the Waunakee Food Pantry

WFP is a TEFAP pantry.  Income eligibility for TEFAP pantries has expanded.  If you have a need, please come to our food distribution.

We try to connect you with the assistance, care and concern you need to get you through a crisis.


The Waunakee Food Pantry services those living in Waunakee, Town of Westport, Town of Vienna, and Town of Dane.